Creating a new component

Go to your dashboard by choosing the 123D Circuits logo and choose Create New Component from the right sidebar in your dashboard. Fill in the the necessary fields and choose Save and open Editor to … wait for it… open the Component Editor.


It's recommended to fork existing components to improve the component library so don't forget to check if it doesn't already exist before you create a new component.

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    bdaniel7 bdaniel7

    Isn't there an option to import a component from a file with a certain format? Like eagle, gerber?

    I'm a beginner in this area so I'm just being curious.

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    Michael Liva

    I can't seem to find it, Create new PCB component does not seem to work.

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    ther is a tutorial for create a new component?

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    I'm guessing this is only available to premium users ?? I can't see it either :(

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    vincent raspal

    Things are better with chrome.
    I used to use Firefox (with Ubuntu)
    It did not work well