Keyboard Shortcuts


Rotate Clockwise: R

Rotate Counter-Clockwise: SHIFT + R

Undo: (CTRL/CMD) + Z

Redo: (CTRL/CMD) + Y

Zoom: Scroll mouse wheel or trackpad

Pan: Click an empty area of the canvas and drag

Select multiple Box: Hold down SHIFT and drag a box around the elements to be selected

Select additional: Hold down SHIFT and single-click additional elements

Deselect all: Click anywhere on the canvas, or  (CTRL/CMD) + D

Move Component: Select then drag, or select then press arrow keys

Flip vertically: F *not available in Breadboard view

Flip horizontally: SHIFT + F *not available in Breadboard view

Remove element: DELETE or BACKSPACE

Symbol View

No shortcuts yet.

Footprint View

No shortcuts yet.

Terminal View

No shortcuts yet.

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