How do I order my PCB?

Note: 123D Circuits currently does not have direct PCB ordering from the site, but it's not difficult or expensive.  Read on...

To order your PCB:

  1. Make sure your PCB design is done and error free (no yellow highlights)
  2. Go to the "detail page" for your circuit. You can get there in two ways: If you on the page that shows all of your designs, click on the thumbnail of your circuit, or if you are editing your circuit just delete " /edit " from the end of the page URL and refresh.
  3. Scroll down below the view of the circuit, click on the "Download Gerber" button.
  4. A .zip file containing the layers of your PCB will be generated and download to your computer.
  5. Use this file to have your PCB fabricated.  We recommend for a balance of low-cost, high quality, medium speed to deliver anywhere in the world.

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