Circuit Scribe Printing Guidelines

Steps before printing

  1. Open the View panel, by click on the View button in the submenu. The paper preview is hidden by default. You can enable it by clicking on Paper.
  2. Select all components by SHIFT+Click and drag a rectangular selection box around the objects.
  3. Move the objects inside the red square.


  1. Click on the print icon in the submenu.
  2. Choose the correct paper format, a .pdf will start downloading (Only US Letter and A4 are supported at the moment.)
  3. Open the .pdf file with Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF reader.
  4. Print the file and make sur the option Fit to Page is NOT selected in your printer preferences dialog.



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    I cannot get. Cannot even pass through 1st step.Where is the view panel. What sub-menu? Sub-menu of what?