Keyboard Shortcuts


Undo: (CTRL/CMD) + Z

Redo: (CTRL/CMD) + Y

Zoom: Scroll

Zoom To Fit: Z or (CTRL/CMD) + )

Zoom Selected: (CTRL/CMD) + (

Pan: Click and drag the canvas 

Select Multiple: Hold down SHIFT and click elements

Box select: Hold down SHIFT and drag a box around the elements to be selected

Deselect all: Click anywhere on the canvas, or (CTRL/CMD)+D

Invert Selection: (CTRL/CMD)+I

Copy: (CTRL/CMD)+C

Paste: (CTRL/CMD)+V


Move: Click and Drag

Move selection 1/10 unit: SHIFT + ARROW KEYS

Move selection 1 unit: ARROW KEYS

Rotate Clockwise: R

Rotate Counter-Clockwise: SHIFT + R

Flip vertically: F

Flip horizontally: SHIFT + F

Remove element: DELETE or BACKSPACE

Switch Tab: T

Put search bar into focus: (CTRL/CMD)+F. Does not open overlay, but put focus on prominent search bar.


Breadboard View

Components window: C

Code Editor window: E

Start / Stop Simulation: S


Schematic View

Connect terminals: Click and drag from a schematic terminal to another schematic terminal.

Disconnect terminal: Select the net. Click the X on the terminal you want to disconnect.



PCB View

Net select: Hold down SHIFT and Double Click a segment of the targeted net

Route net: Click terminal or segment belonging to the net and start dragging

Change routing direction: Right Click while routing

Change routing layer: L while routing to switch to the next layer or use 1, 2, 3... to switch to a specific layer. Vias will be automatically added.

End routing: Click terminal or segment belonging to the net or use ESC.

Ripup routing: Select segments or net, and use DEL or BACKSPACE. Devices cannot be removed in the PCB view.

Draw polygon: Add polygon edges like adding wire segments. Close the loop to finish the polygon.


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    Redo shortcut should be (CTRL/CMD) + Y