Workspace Basics

Complete introduction to the workflow.

Extended Introduction to the editor.

Introduction to Circuit Scribe from 123D Circuits on Vimeo.

Workspace Layout

The Circuit Scribe Editor has a main menu bar, submenu and a canvas to work in.


> Main menu

The 123D Circuits Icon takes you back to the homepage.

The name of the project takes you to the detailpage.

The saving info shows give you information about the realtime saving status

The View tabs let you easily switch between views

The question mark opens a form to give feedback or add support.

The avatar takes you to your profile page


> Submenu

On the right there are general actions: rotate, delete, undo and redo etc.

On the left there are buttons to open panels with more functionality.


> Canvas

This is where you work. This is where you place elements and and interact with them.



Workspace Views

The Circuit Scribe editor has 3 views: Sketch View, Bill of Materials View and a Settings View.

In the future a dedicated Print View will be added.


> Sketch View

Here you can add modules, draw inktraces and simulate the circuit.


> Bill of Materials

Here you can see the modules that are used in the project.

In the future you'll be able to add the modules to your shopping cart from this screen.


> Settings View

This is where you can change the name of your project, description tags etc.


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