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The 123D Circuits breadboard simulator uses mathematical models to provide very accurate simulation of analog circuits as well as Arduino boards.

For more on this, please see our blog post announcing the updated simulation capabilities here:

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    Well its seems to fail with ICs... Im doing a DaisyChain matrix, and it doesnt work properly?

    When i connect the DataPin on the 2nd IC, it works fine. When i take it from the Chain it lights up all LEDs. :/ ?

    Also tried a 16 bit, but didnt work either. Just gives blanks from 8>.

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    Rob Roberts

    Hi Jacob, we have another thread for component requests:

    But to answer your question: we're working on adding a variable voltage DC power supply so you can set not just to 5V but to any voltage. Also, as a work around you can add an Arduino and use the 5V pin as a supply for the rest of your circuit. You do not need to power the Arduino - it has an "invisible" usb cable giving it power and the ability to be programmed.

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    Jacob Leonard (138)

    Is is possible to get LM7805 Voltage regulator as component