Introduction to the Circuit Editor

The Circuit Editor has all the tools to create a Circuit Board from start to end. Get started by choosing a component on the right and click anywhere on the canvas to add it. Use the tools to modify the elements on the canvas.

Context Views

The editor has different context views, each one geared towards specific tasks.


Tools allow you to modify any element on the canvas, undo and redo or start and stop a simulation.

Default components

This is a list of the most common elements you can add to your project. These change according to the Context View you are in.

Extra components

You can add any component from the library. The menu will show you the last 8 components you’ve added to the project.


Dialogs come up in certain situations to inform or warn you about a situation. You can easily hide them using the close button in the top right corner.


Select any component on the canvas and the inspector will allow you to change anything.

Arduino Code Editor

In breadboard view you can edit the Arduino code that should run in a simulation in the Arduino Editor.

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    Ulf Gustafsson

    Cant edit code either. triet chrome and IE

  • Avatar
    benjamin benjamin

    Not helpful. The screenshot is of an old version of the sire. Clicking on components does not add them. Does not tell how to add\remove wires\components. Where is a decent tutorial???

  • Avatar
    Petr Severa

    The same problem as shawnxinjin shawnxinjin. Unable edit code.

  • Avatar
    shawnxinjin shawnxinjin

    Every time i try to edit the codes, the window gets stuck, and i'm unable to edit codes.

  • Avatar

    How does one delete a circuit?