Introduction to the Component Editor

The Component Editor has all the tools to create a component from start to end. Get started by choosing Add Symbol. A list of common symbols will come up from which you can choose. If you've added all the symbols you need, close the popover by clicking the close button on the top right. You can easily create your own custom symbol if needed. Use the inspector at the bottom to change the name of the symbols and position them to represent the component correctly. Once you have defined a symbol for your component select the Footprint View from the menu on the right. Choose Add Footprint and add footprints from library. You can easily create your own custom footprint if needed. A component can have several footprints and you can see an overview by choosing Manage footprints. Once you defined the symbolic representation and the footprints choose the Mapping View. This show you split view of the symbol and footprint. Click on a symbol terminal and then on a footprint terminal to connect them. To switch footprints, use the dropdown in the top right.

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    ripscassels ripscassels

    Hi, When creating a custom footprint the editing area stays white with no editing tools. it has loaded once (black grid with editing tools) but i cant seem to get it back up?

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    Tim Hayward

    It doesn't look like I get the editing tools either. It looks like I am getting 403s and 404s when I look at the javascript console. In any event I am unable to edit a footprint.