How do I create a new circuit?

1) Login to 123D Circuits.  All Autodesk products, including, use the same login.

2) Press the +New button in the upper right corner of the site, a menu will open.

3) Choose what you want to create:

New Electronics Lab
Our most popular kind of circuit, and where you can simulate an Arduino.

New PCB Design
Skip the simulator and go straight to Schematic and PCB design, here you have access to tens of thousands of components and can add your own components.

New PCB Component
Want a component for your PCB design? Make it here!
Note: these components will NOT be avaliable in the Electronics Lab.

Import Eagle Project
Have an Eagle project you'd like to take to the cloud? Do it!

New Circuit Scribe
Want to build a Circuit Scribe virtual circuit with cool modules and the amazing silver-ink pen?  This is for you!

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    Jean Flower

    I just found this - my q about renaming is answered here:
    rename a circuit

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    Jean Flower

    Hi Rob, I couldn't spot where to set the name of my new circuit (I'm making breadboard circuits). Or edit the name of one I have made. I now have several circuits called "The Unnamed Circuit". Can you advise?