Step 4: Contact Support

If all else fails... contact us!  When you do so, please tell us the following:

  • What is the URL of your circuit?
  • Are you using the latest version of Chrome?
  • Did you try refreshing and "hard refreshing"?
  • Are you able to access ALL of our servers (from Step 3)?
  • Tell us more...
  •      What is the Operating System of your computer (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc)
  •      What type of internet connection do you have, do you know the speed?


The contact support button is at the top of this page.  Go for it.  Thanks!

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    123D Circuits Account

    Hi SN, Thanks for writing in.
    This is indeed how you make a component from scratch - but only for making components that work in schematic-based circuits. Users can not make their own breadboard components because the simulation profile for each breadboard component is a carefully engineered piece of code coupled to a SVG graphical element.

    For more info on how to make a component please read this Instructable:

    Make sense?

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    How to create new componet on Autodest 123D circuit?
    I do not know what the procedure is. I follow the steps below:
    1. Click New Component
    2. Enter the details, component, and then click Create New!.
    3. Click Add Symbol
    4. Click Create New
    5. Enough to create new Will have enter the name component and click Save and add symbols.
    This is not a tools for designing components new.
    Disturbing expert help to guide me. I made a wrong step now.
    Thank you.

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    Marcelo Marques Leitao

    Good afternoon , I wonder if you have any version of 123D -Circuits application that does not need to internet connection.