Importing Eagle® files: Frequently asked questions.

What files should I import?
.SCH is required - it is used to import the schematic of the circuit.
.BRD file is optional - including this will import the existing PCB layout.

What version of Eagle files will import?
Version 6 and up.

How long will import take?
Import-time will depend on the complexity of your files, but it should be less than ~30 seconds.

What if my .sch file is more than one page?
Multi-page Eagle schematics will be laid out in a grid.  Symbolic connections between pages (created with Labels in Eagle) will be imported correctly.  

If you would like to re-arrange the grid of pages you may select an entire page worth of components (or multiple pages) by holding down shift while click-dragging to create a "box-selection".  You may then move entire pages of schematic data around at once.

Will the components from my Eagle file be merged with the massive 123D Circuits components list?
No. Your components will only be visible in the circuit you imported.

May I use one of the components I imported from Eagle in a new 123D Circuits project?
You will not be able to find components you imported from Eagle for use in other circuits, but you can duplicate a circuit with the components you want and use it as a starting circuit for new designs.  Some users with a large library of components they built in Eagle may want to put 1 of each component into an Eagle .SCH file and import it into 123D Circuits to be used as a starting circuit for future projects.

Note: We're working on adding functionality that will let you convert your custom Eagle libraries into components stored in your "My Components" tab in 123D Circuits.

My Eagle .SCH files has elements in it that are schematic-only, like the frame around the schematic with a legend in the corner.  Will these show up in 123D Circuits?
No.  For now we are hiding all elements that do not have a PCB counterpart.  We may decide to allow this kind of element in the future.

My PCB has copper pours.  Will they import?
Yes.  Copper pours will import, we call them "copper polygons" in 123D Circuits.
One caveat - Eagle .BRD files that contain copper pours that overlap in the same layer will show up as yellow DRC errors in 123D Circuits.  Please see image below:

I imported my PCB file and now my board outline is just a square.
This can happen when your PCB's outline is not a closed loop.  It's common for Eagle users to accidentally leave their PCB outline incomplete. Sometimes this is little gaps in the corners, or entire line segments missing.  The fix is to close your outline in Eagle, or re-create the PCB outline in 123D Circuits.  Note: If your Eagle PCB outline contains gaps less than 5 microns (0.005mm) 123D Circuits will close them automatically.  Please see image below:

My Eagle PCB has curves, but they're substituted with straight lines in 123D Circuits.
At the time of this writing 123D Circuits does not support arcs yet, only bezier curves.  You may re-add the curves in 123D Circuits by double-clicking on your PCBs outline where you want a curve.  Bezier handles will appear, click and drag them to create curves and arcs.

My Eagle PCB has pockets and holes on the PCB outline layer, where are they now?
At the time of this writing 123D Circuits does not support pockets and holes that are not on the hole layeryet.  If your PCB has holes, for example mounting holes for a USB connector, please make sure they are drill holes and not pockets meant to be milled.  The fix is either in Eagle, or re-add holes in 123D Circuits.

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