How to route and unroute (delete) traces on a PCB

To route traces in PCB view please follow these steps:

  1. Place your components where you'd like them to reside on the PCB.
  2. Choose the "Copper Trace" tool.
  3. Choose a trace thickness from the drop down. Generally wider is better.
  4. Click on an end of a green "air wire" near a terminal. The copper trace will begin.
  5. To change the angle of the trace right-click.
  6. To change layers simply select a different layer mid-way through routing.
  7. Click to route the trace to it's endpoint (another terminal).

See video below and SKIP to the 3:05 for PCB editing.

To delete traces:

You can select then delete portions of a routed copper trace with the DELETE key.  To select the trace you need to be using the Arrow tool - press ESC to get into Arrow tool (selection) mode.

To rip-up more than one segment of a trace at a time hold down the SHIFT key and select each segment.  Then press the DELETE key.  

Future updates to this workflow will involve double-clicking a trace to select the whole trace

Currently there is no way to reset the PCB view, or "rip up" all traces, but we're currently working on new features like this.

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